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  • Thank you for contacting our office and welcome to the United States! In order to complete the registration with our Cultural Office, please send us the following documents:

    • Completed Registration Checklist Form
    • Copy of passport
    • Civil ID
    • Copy of F-1 or J-1 visa
    • Copy of I-20 or DS 2019
    • Retrieve I-94
    • Copy of Direct Deposit Form
    • Admission Letter
    • Letter from your university confirming that your program is a full time, day time program that does not require any online courses for degree completion. This letter should be on university letterhead, and preferably from your academic department.
    • Unofficial copies of transcripts from all of your past degrees earned (High School, Bachelor’s, Master’s if applicable)
    • Master’s, degree Equivalency Letter, if applicable
    • Bachelor’s degree Equivalency Letter
    • High School Equivalency Letter
    • Dependent Documents for Each Family Member accompanying you to your scholarship location, specifically:

      • Passport (for each family member)
      • Visa (for each family member)
      • I-94 (for each family member)
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Birth Certificate (for each child)
      • Civil ID (for each family member)
  • We will activate your health insurance effective the date of your arrival.

    Please complete and return the Release of Information Authorization Form to your advisor.

    It is also important to note the following basic requirements:

    • Waive out of the university health insurance plan. You are already covered by Cigna through the Kuwait Embassy. Please make sure to check the university deadlines to waive out of this, to avoid any unwanted charges on your account. Please fill out the waiver at your university’s health office and let them know that you already have your own health insurance through the Kuwait Cultural Office. If you do not do this, you will have to pay for the school’s health insurance with your own money. Please contact the Kuwait Embassy Health Office if you need assistance with this.
    • Send in your Verification of Enrollment At the beginning of every term, we need to see you're enrolled in classes in order to keep your health insurance activated.
    • Send in your official transcripts: At the end of every term, please have your school mail us your transcripts either via regular mail or via email, as we are required to update the Ministry with your academic progress.
    • Send in your Verification of Non-Traditional Courses Form: This form needs to be completed at the end of every academic year by a university official and sent back directly from the university to your academic advisor.
    • No online coursework: Graduate students are not permitted to take any online courses. If you would like our office to authenticate your transcripts upon completion of the degree you will need to provide a verification of non-traditional courses form. Please note we can only authenticate your degree if no online courses were taken.

    We will contact you closer to your Sabbatical end date to check in. If your sabbatical ends sooner than originally planned, please let our office know.

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