Student Information

Graduate Information

Welcome to the Graduate Department! We are so excited to have you join our department and are very much looking forward to working with you and supporting you as you pursue your graduate studies.

If you are planning to pursue your graduate studies at a university within the Kuwait Cultural Office, Los Angeles jurisdiction, please first make certain that you have been admitted into an approved graduate program. You can find a list of approved programs and approved universities on our website homepage, For A list of Approved Schools

If you have been awarded a scholarship to pursue your graduate studies or will be studying as a Private Unsupervised student at a university under the jurisdiction of the Kuwait Cultural Office, Los Angeles, please contact the Director of the Graduate Department to register with our office:

Tatiana Mollazadeh, M.A. Director, Graduate Department

[email protected]

Call me at (310) 746-4789 extension 4793

It is important that you start the registration process with the office as soon as you gain admission to an approved program at an approved university and definitely no later than by when you arrive to the United States. We wish you safe travels and look forward to welcoming you to the Graduate Department and to working closely with you as you pursue your graduate education!