Student Information

New Sponsored Students

    • To begin the placement process, email [email protected] to be assigned to an advisor and include the following documents/information:

      • Full Name
      • Passport
      • Civil ID
      • High school transcripts
      • IELTS score report 5.0 or above OR TOEFL socre report 45 or above taken in-person in Kuwait or the county of the high school you graduated from.
        • Only IELTS Academic and TOEFL iBT are approved. TOEFL iBT Paper Edition is NOT approved.
      • Admission Letter (if you have it) or tell us which school, level, and major you want to attend

    • After you arrive in the U.S, the registration proccess can begin. As soon as you arrive, email your advior to let them know you are here include the following documents:

      • Registartion Checklist Form
      • Release of Information Form
      • Visa
      • Bank Account Information (Direct Deposit or Voided Check)
      • I-20 (if you have not yet provided to our office)
    • Expected processing time for registration is 3-5 business days, so please plan accordingly.
    • No FSL can be sent and no salaries are released until registration is completed

      • Our office is Open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time with a break from 12:30am to 1pm.
      • We will respond to your email in the order it is received adn within two business days.
      • A business day is Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

      • An FSL can be sent after you have finished registring with our office.

      • No, FSLs are only sent directly to schools. We cannot send these to students.

      • You will need to follow up with MOHE directly for pre-travel allowance. Our office does not handle this.

      • Insurance is activated after you arrive in the U.S. and inform our office.

      • Please email your assigned advisor directly for help in deferring to a later start time.

      • Our office assists students studying in these states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
      • East Coast approved states are handled by the Washington DC Cultural Office only so you will need to reach out to them directly as a new sponsored student.

      • Salaries are released after you finish registering with our office.

      • Unfortunately, you cannot request a major change before activating your scholarship.

      • Admission letters do not confirm you will have a seat from our office in the ESL program. You will need to email us to request an ESL seat for a progarm if it is still open and provide the necessary documents. If the program is full, you will need to seek admission to a different ESL program that has open seats even if you have an admission letter.
      • Always check the university search website to seee if the ESL program is approved and open

      • If the program is full, you will need to seek admission to a different ESL program that has open seats even if you have an admission letter.
      • You can use the university search website to see if/when a program reopens.

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