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Contact the Kuwait Consulate or Embassy:

Contact your University Academic Advisor/Counselor:

  • To discuss course selection
  • To register for classes
  • To plan term schedules
  • To discuss graduate school opportunities
  • To discuss General Education requirements
  • To discuss quarterly/semester GPA, cumulative GPA, and repeat policies
  • To add/drop a class
  • To discuss issues of probation, dismissal, withdrawal, re-admission
  • To discuss transfer credit or request a transfer credit evaluation
  • To create a study plan

Contact the University Registrar:

  • To file graduation forms
  • To add/drop or withdraw from a course
  • To sign/stamp your ticket allowance form
  • To request an official transcript
  • To obtain official proof of enrollment for Verification of Enrollment

Visit the "Student Sections" on this page:

  • For questions about your scholarship and/or your rules of scholarship, click here.
  • To see what documents are required to make any requests, such as change of major, change of university, suspension, extension, online or community college courses, click here.
  • To see what to do if you: did not receive your salary, lost your insurance card, got married, had a child, click here.
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