IMPORTANT - New Information for Student Health Insurance
December 6th 2019


Effective December 9, 2019, your medical plan will be changing as follows:

All inpatient and outpatient services will require prior authorization. You will be receiving new ID cards next week. It will be important to share your new ID card with your provider as there will be wording on the back that instructs your provider on how to request authorization. If you see an in-network provider, he or she is responsible for requesting the authorization – if you are seeing an out network provider, it will be important for you to share your ID card with them.

The following services will no longer be covered out of network. This is a general listing of exclusions. All of these services are covered in network.
  • Acne Treatment
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Botox Treatment
  • Dental Surgery
  • Diagnostics/Radiology
  • Durable Medical Equipment – including Braces, CPAP and Oral Devices
  • Sleep Study Services
  • Surgery – including gastro-intestinal, nasal surgery and wound repair

All out of network services will now be reimbursed at a lower schedule based on Medicare.

It is important that you seek care from Cigna participating providers as often as possible – this will ensure that all necessary services are appropriately authorized and you will receive the appropriate care at the lowest cost. Based on our analysis with Cigna, all participants under the plan have excellent access to Cigna participating providers.

Care Management Inpatient Outpatient Behavioral Customer Flyer.pdf