About The Kuwait Cultural Office

Established in 2008 with the distinct purpose of supporting Kuwaiti scholars studying in the western portion of the United States, the Kuwait Cultural Office Los Angeles works to promote the higher education plans and strategies of the Kuwaiti government through placement and advising. Each respective department, Undergraduate and Graduate, Placement and University Outreach, Authentication and Program Evaluation, has distinct aims for the advancement of the Office and the students it represents. The dedicated individuals who have the privilege of working for the Kuwait Cultural Office make it their goal to facilitate the academic success of Kuwaiti students and to promote the educational objective of the Ministry of Higher Education and the State of Kuwait. As the Cultural Office continues to focus on increasing the academic options for Kuwaiti students in the United States, below please find descriptions of the departments aligned with that process.

Placement and University Outreach

The Placement and University Outreach Department aims to strengthen and enhance its links with American educators and institutions of higher education in the western portion of the United States.

In addition, the department develops memorandums of understanding with approved universities and composes affiliation agreements within certain academic disciplines and departments within approved universities.

The established collaborations have aided the department in the placement of approximately 1,500 students in academic and English Language programs from various sponsoring agencies.

The Placement Department currently collaborates with approximately 265 universities, colleges, and language programs. Students have been placed in various majors (e.g, Engineering, Architecture, Science, Bioinformatics, Geographical Information Systems, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Mathematics, Special Education, Business, Mass Communication, TESOL), as assigned by the scholarship department in Kuwait.

Authentication and Program Evaluation

The Authentication and Program Evaluation Department evaluates new and existing programs and universities. In addition, the department researches and updates University rankings and accreditation as well as reviews and updates approved universities and majors. Most importantly, the department works to expand the list of approved programs and majors on the West coast.

Approved Universities

Approved universities, colleges and programs are accredited, as well as individually evaluated by the Kuwait Cultural office. Academic programs are accredited by regional (e.g., NCA, NWCCU, WASC) and professional agencies (e.g., AACSB, NAAB, ABET, ACS, ADA, NCATE, ABA). English Language programs are accredited by the Commission of English Language Accreditation (CEA) and members of the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP).

Accrediting agencies represented are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and/or the American Council on Education. The list is developed to reflect the needs and interests of the government of the State of Kuwait, its educational institutions, and its students. This list is intended to be a guide for Kuwaiti Nationals seeking information on U.S. institutions of higher learning.